Team Building modules 01

Team Building modules centered on the main objectives established by the Employee - communication, team development, reward, motivation, personnel testing - and composed by a series of indoor exercises to develop certain skills to the teams and participants.

Each exercise - with a duration from half an hour to 2-3 hours - place the teams in different situations, very close to the business life, making the participants react and find original solutions to the challenges.



Team Building modules 02

What if during the week-end you would escape from the common context made by computers, reports, buildings, noise and stress ? And what if you will land in the middle of a real Special Mission ?

At a glance, most of the exercises look difficult or even impossible to be done – but it’s amazing how easy a determined team can pass through ...

The things are just the same in the professional life: day by day we face barriers and obstacles, difficult to be passed at the first sight. But, from now on, simple exercises for your trained employees.



Team Building modules 03

Complex and exciting Team Building modules, centered on the history of an ancient place.

We propose to the teams a 4 hours journey, back in time, in the Fortress. In a tight competition and fighting against time, the teams will visit the entire citadel, solving riddles from the ancient history of the city, trying to find the lost Treasure ...

We can develop such modules in any given location, based on the client request.




Team Building modules 04

Treasure Hunt - due to an aircraft crash, the participants got lost in the middle of a strange jungle. The local Indians promised to help them to reach the civilization, but the teams have to complete some special tasks given by the tribe Wizard ...

The Treasure Hunt module is made up by two phases: searching for the clues and finding the treasure.

During the first part (a 4-6 route in the nature), the teams have to negotiate, to solve riddles, to pass some orienteering tests in order to win important clues to be used in seeking the mysterious Treasure. In the second part, the teams will search the Treasure ...

We already developed such Team Building modules in many locations and we can build up a new one in any chosen place.




Team Building modules 05

The years when activities like rappel, flying fox or off-road runs were done only by a few … are history. Today any of us can do such things!

This way, the Team Building sessions started to be an appropriate structure for “adrenaline” activities, because out of the “extreme” part we talk about skills and competencies to be improved: team spirit, leadership, communication, competition, performance, a.s.o.

The keyword of those exercises is safety – everything is done with experts and professional equipments – having in mind the security of all participants. And, funny thing, all the exercises can be done with no risk at all by any participant, no matter the age, sex or physical preparation ...

                         Rafting                  Paintball                    Canyoning

                         Rappel                   ATV                           Escalade

                         Flying Fox             Mountain Bike           Geocaching

                         Orienteering          Caving                      Via Ferrata

Team Building modules 06



Team Building modules 07

Instead of a common Team Building session, we  propose you a different program, which will place your people in unusual situations, to be passed only if they really act as a team. The module simulates with realism a survival situation, which will test the participants and team relationships during a few days.

Like the Eco-Challenge competition, the teams will cross a route by different means, they have to get food and prepare it and they have to build shelters to pass the night.  In one sentence, the participants will “survive” as a team, by consensus and through a shared decision making process.



Team Building