April, 2013


"The most important thing in communication

is hearing what isnít said."



Peter Drucker

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place."



George Bernard Shaw

Communication will always be a key factor for a good collaboration in any team, no matter the size of it. In the last decade, the Team Building sessions became strong modeling tools for the company communicational environment.


All the organizations are facing the communication barriers and the sociologist estimates that a percentage of 50% - 70% of a message is lost on the way from the sender to the receiver.

Factors with influence on the accuracy of the transmitted message:

Perceptual barriers: People have different opinions based on personal perceptions and this can be a drawback in the communication process.

Emotional barriers: Emotions can affect the listening process and the message transfer; fear, lack of trust and frustration will block the communication between the team members.

Language barriers: A growing factor taking into account the global business scenario. Native tongues of the employees are very different and we must make the effort to communicate in the local tongue in order to ensure a good transfer of our messages.

Cultural barriers: Obstacles that appear when the team is composed by a heterogeneous mix of races, religions, ethnic groups, Ö

Physical barriers: The most common examples are the workplace compartments and the closed doors of directorís offices.


An efficient communication is affected by the feedback. The constructive feedback will clarify any misunderstandings, will reduce the possible tensions and will keep a healthy relationship between the parts. The right use of the feedback process will lead to a trusty environment and to an increased productivity of the team members.



       Give it only if the recipient can take it

       Be specific and avoid the general approach

       Talk straight, in a trustful atmosphere

       Avoid to judge or to threat

       Discuss only the things that can be changed

       Donít overload your interlocutor

       Keep a positive attitude and donít be defensive

       Summarize when needed

       Check all the suppositions

       Ask questions to clarify the subjects

       Request for specific examples

       Take into account the non-verbal messages

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