February, 2013


" A successful team is a group of

many hands but of one mind . "


Bill Bethel

" The road to success

is always under construction. "

Author unknown

Certainly any manager would like to lead an efficient and well performing team. But those teams does not just appear by chance; it takes time, hard working and a lot of energy to select, teach, develop and, more important, to keep the people we work with.

In the following we will present a few factors with influence on creating a good team, the one able to make the difference in the competitive business environment of today.




Efficient teams work with simple, clear and measurable objectives, agreed by all members. This way it is easy to monitor the team efficiency and to find solutions to improve it.

Define and agree the role of each person related to the  contribution to the team effort.

Facilitate the team development by delegation, job rotation and leadership.

Communication is a key factor of the team success. Stimulate the open communication and the respect for anyone’s opinion. Active listening and debates are essential ingredients.




Permanently evaluate the team development stage and adapt the leadership accordingly. Encourage the team members to take the lead in different projects and activities.

Conflict is natural in any environment. It matters how it is handled; the right management will bring out new ideas and approaches. Assist free discussions on team problems.

Rewards always motivates the individuals and, on a different level, the teams. No matter the size, the reward have to be present at the end of any successful project.




Team effort will be a success only if all the members will understand they do not have to pursue the individual reward. There are a lot of project failed because I was placed above WE.

Teams will always face problems (by the way, that is why sometimes the teams are created for). An efficient team will find solutions, not mistakes or guilty persons.

The last, but not the least – we work together, so, why wouldn’t we play together ? This way the group relationships will be improved and the team will gain trust and cohesion.

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