February, 2011


"To move the world

we must first move ourselves."



"Teamwork divides the task

and doubles the success."


Author unknown

Team Building sessions are still a refined instrument to motivate and retain the employees and the teams they form. The complex business environment and the fierce competition determined the companies to invest in their main asset – the people.

More than words or values claimed on the paper, the companies started to develop specific training programs, aiming to improve the knowledge level of the personnel, of course for the technical competencies, but mainly for soft skills like communication, teamwork, creativity, problem solving.




Starting with an old document, the teams will search the entire citadel for the lost Treasure. The clues will take the participants through the history of the place, reviving somehow the passed times ...

Team Building sessions focused on different objectives, close to the business environment parameters, challenging the participants to find out-of-the-box solutions.

A three hours escapade in the nature, in search for a Treasure. On the way of finding the mysterious secret, in tight competition and rush, the teams will follow a route, finding hints and solving riddles.




Activities which may only appear as “extreme”, but still with a lot of adrenalin (rappel, flying fox, rafting, paintball), 100% safety, organized by experts, with professional equipment.

A special designed program, placing the persons in difficult situations in which they have to act as teams. A survival scenario will be used to test the participants and the group relationships.

  Tracking a route, having just a map and a GPS device, following an unmarked road (5-10 Km). On top of that, the teams have to accomplish different tasks ...

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