October, 2010



”Imagination is more important than knowledge.”





Albert Einstein

”Logic will take you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

The new ideas are an important engine in today’s organizations and a precious source of competitive advantages; thereby, creativity encouragement became an objective for any company. Take also into account that any creative process is useless if not followed by an action plan – the ideas have to be evaluated, improved, polished and transformed into something real in order to bring value.

We propose you Team Building modules with special designed exercises to set free the out of the box thinking and attitude of the participants, by placing them in a different context – creativity is one of the main factors which makes the teams work more efficient and to exceed the previous performance level.


·           Develop by training the team members creative thinking skills

·           Apply as often as possible group creativity techniques

·           Make the team’s work fun and engaging – people are more creative if relaxed

·           Ensure a climate of openness and discuss all the ideas, no matter how “strange” they may look

·           Include in the team people with creative backgrounds

·           Encourage different viewpoints

·           Make the team members think farther than their job description

·           Continuously search and circulate new ideas throughout the team

·           Challenge the team with objectives and deadlines in the creative processes

·           Acknowledge and emphasize any creative breakthrough and success


·     The prejudice that creativity belongs only to a certain kind of people, not to all of us

·     Fear of failure – it will cripple the innovative thinking and will bring out mediocrity

·     Discarding the ideas with no practical applicability – out of 100 “crazy” ideas is enough to have just one to work and add value to the business

·     The assumption that ”we know what will work and what will not” – we use to judge only based on our experience, ignoring new ideas

·     Resistance to change – any new idea will lead to modify the comfort of the actual state

·     Cynicism and the attitude “Yes, but ...” – the organization will not be able to breed new ideas as much as those will not be welcomed

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