October, 2009


"There is a deep discrepancy between the official

and the secret behavior of team members."


Jacob Levy Moreno

"Be careful what you pretend to be

because you are what you pretend."


Kurt Vonnegut

The term Sociometry relates to its Latin etymology, socius meaning social, and metrum meaning measure. So, sociometry is a way for measuring the relatedness degree among group members.

Jacob Levy Moreno (1889-1974), considered the founder of sociometry,  defined it as a methodology for tracking the energy vectors of interpersonal relationships in a group, an useful  instrument  for group assessment and transformation for a better functioning and high performances.

The sociometric test allows the measurement of attraction and repulsion relationship that exist between team members, using questions to identify the preferences and the repulsions not only in structural situations (like the participation in a project), but also in  system-less situations (like spending some free time together).

The sociometric analysis offers important information about the affective relationship between team members and also the real status of this structure at a given moment.

Practically we obtain a team “relationship map”, to reveal the affinities and antipathies, subgroups, informal leaders, possible conflict sources, communication jams, isolated persons, controversial persons, etc.  


·       Instrument for measuring  interpersonal relationships:

o      Team cohesion measurement;

o      To identify and reduce the conflicts sources;

o      Inner communication improvement;

o      Pointing out the informal leaders;

o      Working atmosphere amelioration and, as a consequence, personnel fluctuation reduction;

o      Identifying possible competent persons isolated by the group and integration methods;

o      Diagnosis of relationships modification at an external stimulus (restructuring, wage modifications, employments, etc.).

·       Establishing Team Building or Training sessions objectives;

·       Team Building assessment (a test 1-2 weeks before and another one after 2-3 weeks).


Each Team Building session contracted and developed until the end of 2009 will bring you (with no additional cost) a sociometric analysis for a group of 10 to 30 persons, for a specific criteria, structured, selected and agreed  (work relationships, communication, competences, ...).

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