July, 2009


"It’s always worthwhile to make others

aware of their worth."


Malcolm Forbes

"None of us is as smart as all of us."



Ken Blanchard

During the last years we noticed that summer became a demanded period for Team Building sessions, in spite of the holiday time. Either the chosen location is in the mountains – like the rest of the year – or at the seaside, the Team Building events continues to be the needed catalyst to transform the groups of persons into efficient, results oriented teams.  

Well, it’s time to make a decision – where should we go ? Here or abroad ?  Romania or Bulgaria ? Or maybe  Greece or Turkey ...


Because of the distance reason – having in view the 2-3 days duration of a Team Building session – we’ll put somehow aside Greece and Turkey.

I wish to be a good Romanian and to recommend you “warmly” our seaside. Unfortunately I can’t do this as much as our resorts will look as they do, as the hotel personnel behavior will be the one we know,  and for all this we have to pay the prices they are asking for.

Until today we had 6 Team Building sessions in Bulgaria, in the mountains and at the seaside,  during the summer and winter. I can resume in one word the way how the events went: PERFECT. From all possible points of view – starting with the excellent conditions, the special people and good prices.

Why Bulgaria ?

I remember an episode from a few years ago - we were in Bulgaria (Golden Sands) for a Team Building event with a group of 140 participants.

We arrived one day before and I started to explore the place in order to find the right places for our activities. I was instantly taken over by a butler, asking me for a meeting with the hotel Manager (Madame) to discuss the event. I was quite shocked ...

We had then a professional meeting, where we established all the details we may need, locations, everything .

Just once in 250 Team Building sessions delivered until now ! No need to add that everything went in a truly  “German” way - and we were in Bulgaria, in peak season, in a hotel full of tourists.

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