February, 2008


“Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and

intelligence wins championships."

                                      Michael Jordan


The Saxon citadel of Sibiu, one of the most prosperous European fortress, was build on the place of an ancient village, during the XIIth century, by Saxon settlers from Rin – Mosela region. It was mentioned for the first time in 1191 in an ecclesiastical document from Vatican, under the name of "Cibinium". In 1242 Sibiu was destroyed to a great extent by the tartars, moment followed by a strong fortification of the citadel.

At the beginning of the XIVth century, Sibiu became an important trade center, enlarged more and more. The walls of the first strengthened surrounding wall were inserted into the new buildings. Besides, the new architectural style allowed the first trading centers with lodges. In 1366 Sibiu became a city and in 1692 became the chief town of Transylvania.

Among the events which marked the history of the city we can find: the opening of the first hospital, the first theatre and the first museum on the actual territory of Romania, the foundation of the first mint in Transylvania, the edition of the first book in Romanian language and the foundation of the world's first homeopathic laboratory.  


  Two centuries ago, in Sibiu, the scientist Franz Joseph Müller made a chemical discovery, with an important echo – he thought he just discovered the philosopher’s stone. It is the only chemical element entered in the periodic table of Mendeleev directly Romania. In a period of a great financial crisis, the Austrians struck currencies in this rare metal to supply the budget.

Nowadays, there are still some of those currencies left, and you can found them in a hidden coffer, somewhere in the citadel of Sibiu. The legend says that in the same coffer there is also a document, which contains important notes of the scientist Müller.

It seems, however that there is another manuscript with precious information. By entering in its possession and having 4 hours at your disposal, you have to go through the citadel of Sibiu to decipher the mystery and find the lost Treasure …




·   Team spirit

·   Communication

·   Coordination

·   Leadership

·   Competition

·   Problem Solving

·   Time Management

·   Planning

The module is developed for groups of 10-200 participants, organized in teams of 8-12 persons.


·   DVD with entire event

·   Photo collection

·   DVD with the event site (teams, movies, pictures)

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