March, 2007


“It is better to have one person working

with you than three people working for you.”


Dwight Eisenhower

“It’s easy to get good players. Getting them

to play together, that’s the hard part.”


Casey Stengel


Like the famous Robinson Crusoe, participants are stranded on a deserted island where they have to fight to survive and to return to civilization. And as the struggle for life is not simple, they will need to find different objects and tools, to get resources and to fish in order to have something to eat. Finally, depending on how they went through the challenges, the teams will receive food and ingredients and they will prepare the meal.

The main competencies revealed and developed through this module:

· Communication

· Integration

· Collaboration

· Team spirit

· Problem solving

· Analysis  

· Strategy

· Planning  

· Negotiation

· Delegation

· Competition

· Lateral thinking


Called  “Istros” by the Argonauts, “Danubius” by the Romans, and "King among rivers" by Napoleon Bonaparte, the Danube cross its last 1,075 km on the Romanian territory, ending its way through the Danube Delta, the most representative one on the old continent and one of the most complex in the world.

Today the Danube  Delta stretches among 3 branches from North to South: Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe.

The Danube Delta is an original and unique piece of land: the youngest land in Europe, bordered by some of the most ancient mountains on the earth (Macin, hercinic massive, approximately 400 million years old), a patch of land and waters always fighting, always different,  a maze of channels, beams, brooks, forests with tropical appearances and dunes, everything caught in a permanent metamorphosis.


· Green Village Complex, Sfantu Gheorghe  

· Sunrise Hotel, Crisan

· Cormoran Hotel, Uzlina

·Tamarin Pension, Uzlina

· Mila 35 Pension

· Safo Hotel, Uzlina

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