February, 2005



"It’s not what you are that holds you back,

it’s what you think you are not."


Denis Waitley


"It is only as we develop others that we

permanently succeed."


Harvey S. Firestone


The winter season, altogether with the start of a new year, is a great period for activities designed to form and develop the teams – Team Building sessions.

Outdoor exercises are alternated with indoor ones, in order to create a comfortable structure for all the participants and to achieve the proposed objectives.

Specific exercises:

  • Ski

  • Snowboard

  • Long Distance Skiing

  • Ice Climbing

  • Snowmobile

  • ATV


OBJECTIVES Each member have to understand and accept the group and the organization objectives.

RESPONSIBILITIES  Team members have to know what the others expect from them. Unclear role definition will lead to a tensed working environment and diminished performance.

PROCEDURES  Everybody have to know how to interact with the system and with the colleagues – working procedures, resources, decision takning process, problem solving, ...

RELATIONSHIP If there is respect and appreciation between the team members, the work become more effiecient. And even more if we talk about friendship ...


A winter Treasure Hunt cannot be otherwise than a great experience ...

The Treasure Hunt module is made up by two phases: searching for the clues and finding the treasure. During the first part, the teams have to negotiate, to solve riddles, to pass some orientation tests in order to win important clues to be used in seeking the mysterious Treasure ....

We developed such modules in Sighisoara, Moeciu, Sambata, Cheia, Predeal, Sinaia,  and Poiana Brasov.


We usually promote outdoor activities – we spend more than enough time in the office – but we always have the backup plan, for the situation when the wheather conditions are not allowing to run the exercises outside.

So, on top of the classic Team Building activities, we also propose you complex and interesting modules such as “Murder Mystery” and “Indoor Treasure Hunt”, in which the teams will fight in an intelligence war.

We remain at your disposal for any other information:

Telefon:  0742 062 187


Email: florin.popa@teamzone.ro


Internet Site: www.teamzone.ro