September, 2004


History or Legend? Myth or Reality?

In 1408, Sigismund de Luxembourg, Emperor of Germany, King of Hungary and Boemia, founded a knights order. The German name of the order was “Drachenorden” and the initially scope was to provide protection to the royal family. Vlad Dracul was a member of the order and this is also the origin for the name “Dracula”, carried further on by his son, Vlad Tepes.

Another noteworthy member of “Drachenorden” was the Hungarian Countess Elisabeth Bathory, who transformed his castle from Cetnie into a slaughter-house, killing young girls for their innocent blood, used in satanic ceremonies. Some of her crimes were unjustly attributed to Count Dracula.

Treasure Hunt

Sometimes, the fast rhythm of the daily activities makes us miss the beauty of the special places we pass by. One of those is Sighisoara Citadel, so well conserved that walking on the narrow and sloped streets you expect each moment to meet armored knights from other times.

We propose you a 4 hours journey, back in time, in the Sighisoara Fortress. In a tight competition and fighting against time, the teams will visit the entire citadel, solving riddles from the ancient history of the city ...


Proposed program


The module allow tracking and following of several skills categories:

  • Team Spirit
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Competition
  • Problem solving
  • Time Management      

Friday         Accommodation

Saturday    Treasure Hunt in Sighisoara


                   Team Building exercises

                   Feedback / Awards

                   Camp fire


Sunday       Free time / Other activities

The recommended accommodation place is “Hanul Dracula” (Danes).

Some other activities that can be organized there:

  • Horse riding lessons
  • Fishing
  • Swimming pool / Sauna
  • Camp fire
  • Traditional dinner






The module is designed for groups of 15-40 participants, organized in teams of 5-10 persons.



·      VHS tape with the entire event

·      CD-ROM containing a site with the event – movies and pictures – accessed through your own Intranet

·      Photo collection on CD-ROM

·      Photo album

·      Team Building Report


We remain at your disposal for a detailed presentation of the module and for any other information:

Phone:  0742 062 187




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